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From "Slomcenski, Robert J" <Robert.Slomcen...@xerox.com>
Subject Discovering database names
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 14:38:23 GMT
Is there a programmatic way to ask derby to enumerate the names of
all existing databases in the "derby.system.home" directory?

I am using embedded derby and have set up a "derby.system.home"
directory that contains several databases. I want to be able to have
derby list the database names so a user can select the one to
connect to, but I have not yet discovered how to do this using
derby itself.

I can, of course, use java File to enumerate the sub-directories and
do some kind of test on each (like does it contain a valid
service.properties file), but I was hoping that derby had some built-in
mechanism for listing database names.

I have experimented with DriverManager.getDriver().getPropertyInfo()
but have not found a way to populate the "choices" field correctly.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Bob Slomcenski

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