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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Logo
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 20:42:54 GMT
Nat Gross wrote:

> Brian Abbott wrote:
>> I would say that while I think each of these logos are good on a stand
>> alone basis, I'm not sure how they are appropriate for the system. None
>> of them really communicate any kind of message that one might look for
>> in a database system.
> Although I hear you, I must ask: What type of message does the IBM 
> logo communicate?
> I tried to inject an "IBM feel" into the logo, ...

Personally, I'd like a fun logo for Derby. The IBM logo is -- well -- a 
bit dry.  This is just my personal opinion, of course (and I should 
probably mention that I am an IBM employee, but that has no bearing on 

> ...
> Having said all this, I still see your point. I am thinking of a 
> 'happy' logo. How about a 'db' or derby in a *bed*. A key derby 
> feature is that its emBEDded, so you can have a db in a bed. 


ummm, perhaps having a bed in the logo could be misconstrued as over the 
top. I'd like to start proposing guidelines for the logo contest, including:

 - No themes that could be misconstrued as offensive (though I realize 
how subjective "offensive" is)
 - No themes of violence -- the apache feather is good, but hatchets and 
apache attack helicopters are probably out.  By the way, does anyone 
know of any issues with using the apache feather in a logo?

Any other opinions out there for what might or might not be suitable?


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