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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Full Text Indexing
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 14:41:18 GMT
Hi Mag,

Thanks for bringing up this issue. It certainly deserves an enhancement 
request. I'll log one later on today.

Technically, you can build your own poor-man's solution to this problem 

1) You can build your own inverted index (as a full-fledged table) on 
the text column you need to search.

2) You can maintain rows in that pseudo-index by hiding all 
insert/update/delete access (to the base table) inside some set of 
application-layer methods.

3) Similarly, you can manage searches by an application-layer query 
generator which knows how to build joins between the base table and the 
inverted index.

A couple years ago I tried something like this with the free-license 
version of Cloudscape which IBM exposed. The performance disappointed 
me. I didn't look deeply into the performance issue. Instead, I tried 
another solution, which outperformed the inverted index: Full table 
scans on the base (text bearing) table supported by a search function 
evaluated, per query, on each text column. To date this hack has 
performed adequately on a dataset of 12K rows. However, it would be 
pretty slow on datasets an order of magnitude larger.

So...we need to log an enhancment request for text search support.


Mag Gam wrote:

>Is it possible to have searchable data type with indexed access in
>I am looking for something similar to tsearch2

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