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From Paul J DeCoursey <p...@decoursey.net>
Subject Re: How To Run Derby on a PocketPC?
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 18:48:15 GMT
Marc Schlegel wrote:
> Hi.
> I've posted a mail some weeks ago and received some help but I'm still
> not able to run Derby on a PocketPC.
> So I thought that I should start from scratsch. I'm working with
> WebSphere Device Developer 5.7 (wctme 5.7) and IBMs J9 VM.
> With my former attempts I wasn't able to get rid of an
> UnsupportedClassVersionError.
> I've read some posts that some people were able to tun Derby on PocketPc
> but those posts didn't tell me how.
> Could anybody tell me which steps are necesarry?
> Thx
> -- Marc

Is there more info about the error you receive?  For example I know that 
you get

UnsupportedClassVersionError if you run java 1.5 compiled code in a java 1.4 jvm.  The version
number of 1.5 is 49.0 and 48.0 for java 1.4.  I am guessing you ust need to get it recomplied
for the right version of the jvm.


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