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From "Timothy Luksha \(RIT Student\)" <tjl6...@rit.edu>
Subject RE: How To Run Derby on a PocketPC?
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 03:12:24 GMT
On 8/7/06, Marc Schlegel <Marc.Schlegel@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi.
> I've posted a mail some weeks ago and received some help but I'm still
> not able to run Derby on a PocketPC.
> So I thought that I should start from scratsch. I'm working with
> WebSphere Device Developer 5.7 (wctme 5.7) and IBMs J9 VM.
> With my former attempts I wasn't able to get rid of an
> UnsupportedClassVersionError.
> I've read some posts that some people were able to tun Derby on PocketPc
> but those posts didn't tell me how.
> Could anybody tell me which steps are necesarry?

Hi Marc,

Derby should work with j9.   There are two very important things to remember
when attempting to get Derby to run with j2me.  First, do not use DriverManager
to attempt to get a jdbc connection.  j2me does not support this.  You must 
use a class called embeddedDataSource.  Secondly, j9 does not come with an
implementation of jsr-169 automatically.  This jar is available from IBM separately 
and it called jdbc.jar.  I forget where my copy came from but when i figure it out I 
will post some instructions.  Derby should work if you remember to do those two things.

Also, I have been trying alternate j2me JVM's with derby and it seems to crash
both CVM and Creme.  I hope that my experience with those JVM's can save 
you a little leg work if you were planning on evaluating them with derby.  

Please post more detailed errors if you still have problems.  We all will try to
help you out.


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