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From Robert Enyedi <robert.eny...@intland.com>
Subject Re: MySQL TO_DAYS() emulation in Derby
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 13:39:07 GMT
This is exactly what I've been trying to do. The difficulty which I'm 
unable to overcome yet is that the timestamp returned by 
java.sql.Date.getTime() is not divisible with the number of miliseconds 
in a day (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000). Yet when I create a java.util.Date() 
instance with that timestamp, this gives me the 00:00:00 hour of the 
desired day (so no time information is in the timestamp).

This puzzles me, so that's why I decided to ask around.


dmclean62@comcast.net wrote:
> Java calendar and date objects work in miliseconds but I think that fields marked as
"date" rather than timestamp just have their hour/minute/second parts set to 0. Even so, it's
fairly easy to roll a timestamp back to 00:00:00. You can then subtract the Date.getTime()
values and divide by 86,400,000 to get days.
> Or am I missing something obvious here?
> Donald
>  -------------- Original message ----------------------
> From: Robert Enyedi <robert.enyedi@intland.com>
>> Michael,
>> As far as I know, year 0 in MySQL is actually 1 AD. However, it doesn't 
>> necessarily matter when that year is when you have the comparability of 
>> the results.
>> What matters that this function in combination with its reverse, 
>> FROM_DAYS, allows easily for one to compute things like:
>> - are both timestamps in the same day? TO_DAYS(tstamp1) = TO_DAYS(tstamp2)
>> - how many days are between the two dates? TO_DAYS(date1) - TO_DAYS(date2)
>> - what is the date if one adds X days to a specified date? 
>> FROM_DAYS(TO_DAYS(date1) + X)
>> I'm not specifically in love with this function either, but what other 
>> alternatives does Derby offer to make these computations?

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