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From "Michael Segel" <mse...@mycingular.blackberry.net>
Subject Re: Some design related questions about using derby embedded mode.
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 15:13:00 GMT
The trouble with stored procedures is that the performance boost depends on a couple of factors.

It also depemds on the complexity of the business logic that you want to incorporate in to
the stored procedure.

But even still, the benefits of using stored procedures comes from having your business logic
in one location and accessible by multiple applications.

So in general, its a good idea. :owever YMMV.
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-Mike Segel
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From: Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hillegas@Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 06:14:53 
To:Derby Discussion <derby-user@db.apache.org>
Subject: Re: Some design related questions about using derby embedded mode.

legolas wood wrote:
> Hi
> Thank you for reading my post.
> We have planned to use Derby embedded for our application internal data storage.
> Here I have some questions which any answers could be helpful about them.
> - We need highest performance, Should we use stored procedure?
Hi Legolas,

In the embedded case, I don't think that stored procedures will give you 
a performance boost. However, user-coded functions could boost your 
performance. You can see significant performance improvements by 
wrapping your filtering logic in functions and wiring the functions into 
your queries.
> - We will encrypt the database using derby Encryption mechanism, will it cause performance
In general, I think that there's a trade-off between security and 
performance. I don't have numbers on the performance of encrypted 
databases. Perhaps someone else could offer specifics.
> - Is it correct that we can include a jar file or some Java classes into the database?
if it is correct, what is its use?
Yes, this is true. Please take a look at the "Loading classes from a 
database" section of the Derby Developer's Guide.

> Thank you very much.

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