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From Dyre.Tjeldv...@Sun.COM
Subject Re: How do I share an Apache derby database to other users?
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 20:27:50 GMT
larsk <larsk8@yahoo.se> writes:

> I am trying to create an application (in Java 6.0) that will create and use
> an Apache Derby database. I want to make it so other users will be able to
> access this database at the same time.
> How do I make this possible? What do I need to do on the server application?
> What do I need to on the client applications? Is there any guide out there
> on how to make this?
> If anyone have some information on how to make this work I would really
> appreciate some help.

What you need to do really depends on just what you mean with

Do you mean to let multiple OS users access the same database
instance? I.e. different processes with different uids? This is possible
but not in embedded mode. You either need to start a NetworkServer, or
start your app with an embedded server. (See the documentation) 
Note that you cannot have two jvms accessing the same database.

Or do you mean what you need to do to create users in the database and
authorize them, i.e. CREATE USER, GRANT/REVOKE etc. ?

This is explained in the the manual, but I don't have the exact chapter
and verse.


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