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From Briggs <acidbri...@gmail.com>
Subject Iterating through large result set in network mode causes OutOfMemoryException
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 13:14:45 GMT
So, I have a derby database that could potentially contain millions of
records, but at the moment it has 13K.

I am trying to iterate through that table after calling a basic
"Select * from myTable".  After about 5000 records, I get an out of
exception/error on the server side.  This table has very a couple
small clobs in it (each field contains about only 100 chars at the
moment) and one large clob.  I have no transactions running, the
result set is read only.  I would think that I should be able to loop
through an infinite set of results.  If I do this in embedded mode
it's fine. I have read over 10 million records with no problem. But,
again, in network mode it fails early.

Anyone have any advice?  I would think that a non-scrollable result
set should not keep any of the results in memory (on the server) once
the cursor has passed it.

"Conscious decisions by conscious minds are what make reality real"

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