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From Thomas Kellerer <spam_ea...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Derby SQL diff tool suggestions
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2009 00:55:14 GMT
Damian Carey wrote on 09.01.2009 01:31:

> Honestly, our needs are VERY basic. A few times a year (at most) our
> schema updates, and we need to update customer databases.
> I've previously used a Postgres tool called AGPDIFF that takes two
> (postgres) schemas and creates an "SQL Update Script" to update a
> database in-situ to a new schema.
> AGPDIFF  is a single jar file that you use via the command line. It is
> not perfect, but it does get me plenty close enough to finish by hand,
> so it is perfect for our needs.

You might want to try my SQL Workbench. It has a diff command built in that can 
also be run from within a batch file (command line).

The output of the diff is an XML file that can be converted to SQL. I do not 
have an XSLT to transform the output into Derby syntax, but Postgres and Oracle 
are available.

Details are here:

The homepage is: <http://www.sql-workbench.net/>
and the sample XSLT scripts are here: http://www.sql-workbench.net/xslt.html


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