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From Uriah Eisenstein <uriaheisenst...@gmail.com>
Subject LIKE operator optimizations and concatenation
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 07:35:18 GMT
I've been using Derby recently and have started to check the query plans for
my queries. I saw that while queries of the form "<column> LIKE
'<string-constant>%' " result in an index scan, even a trivial change such
as using two concatenated string constants in the pattern ("<column> LIKE
'<string-constant>' || '%', for instance) falls back to a table scan.
Similarly, "<column> LIKE ?" is optimized, but "<column> LIKE ? || '%' " is
I'm not a DB expert (in particular regarding the back-end) so I want to know
whether there are any plans to improve this behaviour, or if not, would it
be possible - I'll file the issue in Jira then. In the DB table I've created
some strings are prefixes of others and I rely on it, so this may well
change the queries if not even the table design.
Uriah Eisenstein

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