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From Harry Clark <harry.cl...@knovalent.com>
Subject RE: Reusable components
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2010 21:41:30 GMT
This is what object-relational mapping systems like Hibernate are for. There may be object-oriented
design tools which can generate the needed relational schema from the design. Or you can do
it manually with enough knowledge of Hibernate and Java.  See http://www.hibernate.org for
starters. It's not trivial, but there are ways and means.

Best regards,
Harry Clark   harry.clark@knovalent.com
From: Thomas [Thomas.K.Hill@t-online.de]
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:26 PM
To: derby-user@db.apache.org
Subject: Reusable components

When implementing the data model for my application using Derby and coding some
stored procedures in JAVA over the past months I have asked myself a couple of
times along the way what the best approach to fulfil some 'standard'
requirements would be - general requirements which I would expect most people
designing data base applications would have and will need a solution for.

One example: How do I best store hierarchical data like a (file system) folder
structure in my data base? In case of my application the decision was to go with
the nested set model / using the modified pre-order tree traversal algorithm
(the article 'nested set model' in wikipedia might be a good starting point for
details on this).

PEAR - the PHP Extension and Application Repository which is "a framework and
distribution system for reusable PHP components" even has a reference
implementation of nested sets in PHP - how exiting and unfortunate that this
omly seems to exist for PHP.

So I was wondering whether such reusable components actually might also exist in
form of stored procedure code written in Java which could be used in data base
management systems supporting Java as procedural language - like Derby -
somewhere? (without me having come accross this)

and if not, whether there might be an appetite of some users on this forum to
dedicate some of their time sharing their solutions and to jointly
build/test/document some reusable procedures? (which might be an opportunity for
some people like myself who will never be able to contribute to advancing Derby
itself (as I am not a professional Java programmer), but who have experience in
data modelling and SQL and might therefore contribute in such an endeavor.

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