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From Thomas Hill <thomas.k.H...@t-online.de>
Subject Re: problems after "could not listen on port xxx on host" / corrupting data base?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 22:12:53 GMT
okay, the address already in use being due to too quick request attempts might
be an explanation. I have in the meantime found out that, although the address
already in use error is given and the log does not contain the normal 'server
started and ready to accept connections' statements ==> the server is actually
available anyway and can be pinged/used, so the server was indeed started
Leaving the 'another instance....' issue which I am afraid I can't even say has
been created and how it can be reproduced. I came as a result of using a custom
build Eclipse RAP web application talking to the server. So I need to continue
to monitor to find out when this occurs and what might have caused it.
Unfortunatly there seems to be no way of making the data base usuable again once
this error is given.

So...some questions I can think of:
1) What version of derby are you using?
2) What has happened between now and when you last could use the system - did
the system crash? 
->trouble is I haven't found out yet how to reproduce this
3) Did someone ctrl-c or kill the network server process? 
-> no
4) Did any other piece of software get installed on this system that could be
using the same port? 
-> don't think so, but it is a hosted tomcat server environment in which also
Derby is hosted
5) Can you start networkserver with a different port (not to connect to the
database; if ij can't, another network server cannot either).
-> would need to ask my hoster for this which I did not do
Have you tried booting your system since?
-> my hoster advised that my tomcat+derby server has been brought down and up
again, but as said the 'another instance...' error kept coming even after that

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