I want the variable of derby.storage.tempDirectory (for a embedded application) to pint to a user tmp file, but I found this variable is static… I understand that means It has to be written in the ¿service.property file on de DB directory? And how I can add the “environment variable” there?

Thanks in advance  for your time and response



Defines the location on disk for temporary file space needed by Derby for performing large sorts and deferred deletes and updates. (Temporary files are automatically deleted after use, and are removed when the database restarts after a crash.) The temporary directory named by this property will be created if it does not exist, but will not be deleted when the system shuts down. The path name specified by this property must have file separators that are appropriate to the current operating system.

This property allows databases located on read-only media to write temporary files to a writable location. If this property is not set, databases located on read-only media might get an error like the following:

ERROR XSDF1: Exception during creation of file  c:\databases\db\tmp\T887256591756.tmp

for container

ERROR XJ001: Java exception:

'a:\databases\db\tmp\T887256591756.tmp: java.io.IOException'.

This property moves the temporary directories for all databases being used by the Derby system. Derby makes temporary directories for each database under the directory referenced by this property. For example, if the property is set as follows: