I have some experience using Apache Derby. I can't remember exactly what was the issue I found in my project. It worked on DEV but not in PRD. I fixed it using derby.properties file.

Do some research and take a look a derby.properties file:



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I have been happily using Derby for two years within IntelliJ Idea, but have now hit a wall trying to deploy the application I developed.  I have tried setting the path to derby.jar on the command line and/or in the CLASSPATH environment variable to no avail.  The embedded driver doesn't load; the error message is, "No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby:EMDatabase;create=true".  I'm under Windows XP Pro.  Any help would be appreciated.


Roy Minet

YOu can try to add Class.forName("org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver") in the app before trying to connect, unless you have a recent Derby version in which case it shoul dnot be needed. Autoloading of the driver was introduced in Derby 10.2.
If you have a Derby version newer that 10.2, it sounds like a CLASSPATH issue.

If you run this command with the same classpath as you app, what do you see?

> java org.apache.derby.tools.sysinfo

It should the jar versions found on the classpath.