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From John English <john.fore...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: "Conglomerate could not be created"?
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 16:29:46 GMT
On 04/06/2012 16:35, Kristian Waagan wrote:
> On 04.06.12 14:52, Rick Hillegas wrote:
>> On 6/2/12 3:18 AM, John English wrote:
>>> On 01/06/2012 15:19, John English wrote:
>>>> I'm having trouble with the following error: "Conglomerate could 
>>>> not be
>>>> created". It happens when I do this:
>>>> INSERT INTO resource_usage (resid,itemid,itemtype)
>>>> (SELECT resid,?,? FROM resource_usage
>>>> WHERE itemid=?
>>>> AND itemtype=?
>>>> AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT resid FROM resource_usage
>>>> WHERE itemid=? AND itemtype=?));
>>> I also get the same error from this, which looks fairly innocuous to 
>>> me:
>>> INSERT INTO resource_usage (resid,itemid,itemtype)
>>> (SELECT resid,20,'final' FROM resource_usage WHERE itemid=? AND
>>> itemtype=?);
>>> Is it perhaps because I'm inserting into the same table I'm selecting
>>> from?
>> Hi John,
>> Do you have a stack trace for this error?
> My extremely simple attempt at reproducing this didn't succeed on 
> trunk (10.10), and I could "duplicate" the matching rows (only 
> changing the itemtype column).
The itemid also changes; only resid stays the same.
> Do you also have the schema and example of data that triggers the 
> problem? Are there many matching rows for the select?
I'm on 10.8, and I only have about a dozen matching rows at the moment. 
No stack trace that goes further than my own code; all I have is stuff 
like this:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Conglomerate could not be created.
Query parameters: 1='2' 2='final' 3='9' 4='temp' 5='2' 6='tests'
	at servlets.BaseServlet.doGet(BaseServlet.java:282)
	at servlets.BaseServlet.doPost(BaseServlet.java:304)
	at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:727)
	at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:820)
         ... (and so on)
Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Conglomerate could not be created.
Query parameters: 1='2' 2='final' 3='9' 4='temp' 5='2' 6='tests'
	at utils.DataManager.dbInsert(DataManager.java:1067)
	at actions.EditAction.copyResources(EditAction.java:1617)
	at actions.EditAction.doRelease(EditAction.java:1171)
	at actions.EditAction.processUpdates(EditAction.java:537)
	at servlets.BaseServlet.doGet(BaseServlet.java:190)
	... 31 more

which is from my own exception handler that catches the exception, 
appends the query parameters to the message and then rethrows it. The 
table is defined like so:

   CREATE TABLE resource_usage (
     resid       INTEGER       NOT NULL,
     itemid      INTEGER       NOT NULL,
     itemtype    VARCHAR(16)   NOT NULL,
     CONSTRAINT resusage_1     FOREIGN KEY (resid)
                               REFERENCES resources(id)
                               ON DELETE CASCADE,
     CONSTRAINT resusage_2     UNIQUE(resid,itemid,itemtype)

There is more detail (including example data) in my original post.

Meanwhile, in desperation, I have broken it down into code to select the 
resource IDs followed by a loop to insert them one by one, which works 
but leaves me feeling deeply offended!

I'll try and boil it down to a simple example as soon as I have time and 
post more soon. Thanks for your help meanwhile!
John English 	
If we were to define a religion to be a system of thought which contains 
unprovable statements, so it contains an element of faith, then Gödel 
has taught us that not only is mathematics a religion but it is the only 
religion able to prove itself to be one.
— John Barrow, /Pi in the Sky /

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