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From Sekhar Kosuru <kosurusek...@gmail.com>
Subject Reg: Acessing Derby from Ubuntu to Windows 7
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 13:33:32 GMT

I am new bie to Apache Derby, i have been asked to test the performance of
Derby database with 1000 concurrent Threads, In each thread open a
connection do one insert, select, update quries on one table.

I implemented the simulation code and tested in my local machine (Windows
7) where i am running my Derby database in networking mode.

Even i tested the same from another Windows 7 machine (Only Java Client, DB
is running in my Machine only) from my LAN.

When i am testing above simulation from Ubuntu System, i am facing lot of
issues. For opening each connection it is taking 5xxx milliseconds, where
as in other scenaios it is 2xx milliseconds.

If i am simulating upto 1000 threads means the time also increasing to get
each connection. Typically it is above 60000 milliseconds.

I observed that from wireshark is listing the follwoing error in case of
Ubuntu system.

*Protocol : ICMP*
*Info : Destination unreachable (Port unreachable).*
Surprisingly when i installed kaspersky in ubuntu machine i am not getting
this error. I am able to get connection with in 3xx milliseconds like that.

I tried with implementing the Connection Pool (Tomcat pool, DBCP, C3p0)

In any case with out antivirus in ubuntu machine it is taking too much time
to get the connection and i am seeing the above error in Wireshark.

Please help me in this what could be catch here ?

Thanks in Advance.


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