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From David Myers <david.myers.scibearsp...@gmail.com>
Subject Contribute to code, possible enhancements.
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 09:41:17 GMT
Hello derby discussion,

This is my first post, so be gentle ;)

I have 2 questions, where do I send 'enhancement requests' for discussion?

Where should I begin if I want to get involved in helping development?
(particularly to contribute code I have already developed to 'enhance'
the user experience - in this instance a key word test, see below).

Here is some background....

I've been working on derby DB from the user side for a while, and I
have a few 'enhancement requests'.

Most notably:

A native way to check if a word entered by a user is a derby 'keyword'
or not. The databaseMetaData.getSQLKeywords() only returns those that
aren't SQL92 keywords. There is a long list of others that can be
found in the docs that are also keywords.

I've already writen code to implant these values into a table in the
DB so as I can check against them, and I would be more than happy to
contribute this to the community. So as during install the values are
inserted into an appropriate system table

Extended characters / escape characters.

Prepared statments are fine, but I obviously went for the use of the
java /  unix '\' as an escape character... to no effect in a normal
statement. This caught me on a 'create table' statement on a field
with an apostrophe. The field title showed belonging, and without it
the meaning of the field was ambiguous.

Obviously I would quite like to get involved in developping derby, but
I'm not sure how much time i'm going to have, between 4year old twins,
and house renovations !

Any advice is most welcome.

Thanks in advance

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