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From Suat Gonul <suatgo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Exception while inserting a record
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 11:14:50 GMT
On 09/13/2012 01:54 PM, Knut Anders Hatlen wrote:
> Suat Gonul <suatgonul@gmail.com> writes:
>> Hi Knut,
>> It seems that is the problem, thanks. But, then I think I should escape
>> special characters contained the values. Is there standard procedure for
>> this? Is there a list of of special characters? What do you suggest?
> I'd suggest that you use prepared statements with parameter markers
> INSERT INTO t (id, revision) VALUES (?, 1)
> and use ps.setString(1, "string value") to set the value. Then you don't
> need to worry about special characters in the string.
> If you want to specify the string literally in your SQL statement, only
> the single-quote character is a special character, as far as I know, and
> it can be escaped with an extra single-quote character. For example, to
> insert the string Ā«It's safer with PreparedStatementĀ», you would have to
> do something like this:
> INSERT INTO t (id, revision) VALUES ('It''s safer with PreparedStatement', 1)

Thank you very much. Escaping the ' character with another ' has solved
my problem.

Indeed I am doing a bulk insertion operation (1000 insertion at a time
(Values > 1000 causes stackoverflow exception)). So I prepare the query
in advance and execute it in one step. In total, I have ~1M records.
However, I could not decide on which one would be more efficient. So,
I'm trying both options now.

Thanks again,

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