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From Perry Smith <pedz...@gmail.com>
Subject jruby and Cloudscape 5.1 help needed
Date Thu, 16 May 2013 19:09:45 GMT

I have a Cloudscape 5.1.2 database.  By that I mean I have a directory and inside that directory,
I see two things:
1) A subdirectory named FooClientDb
2) A flat file named FooClientDb_FOO.properties.

The subdirectory has various things the most interesting is another subdirectory called seg0
which has  a lot of *.dat files that contain the data.

My quest really is to just dump this out as a sequence of SQL commands but I haven't found
anything to do that with.

Assuming that the super easy path is not possible, I was going to write a ruby program and
use jruby to run it.

I have various jar files like:


which I can load into jruby.

But I can't even figure out how to connect to the database.  I can't find the API for the
old IBM version (the db2j.jar file).  etc.

Since Derby came from Cloudscape, I thought I'd ask this group for help and advice.

For example: on various web pages, they tell me to connect to this database using a "Wizard"
which isn't what I want to do (I don't even have it.) I want to just be able to run my program
and have it connect to this database.  How would I do that if I was using Java?

This may be the same as "where is the java API?" -- which you guys provide but I haven't found
it yet for the old IBM Cloudscape.

I know this is a somewhat scattered request but I don't know where to start.

Thank you for your time,

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