If you mean that the database “files” are located on a server and are going to be access using a networked file system protocol such as NFS or SMB, etc, then this is really just networked file I/O and it will work with the caveat that you might have corruption if the file system I/O calls return before the file changes have actually been committed to stable storage on the  server.   This is also the same thing that can occur with file I/O that is cached by the OS on a local file system as will.   You really need the networked file I/O to not return until the changes have been committed or live with the possibility of database corruption.




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In derbydev.pdf ( page 26, I read  :
Conventions for specifying the database path
You can specify only databases that are local to the machine on which the JVM
is running
. ...
I want to use Derby (embedded mode) in my application on a networked computer and place the databases on the server.
Is it possible ?