I still can't add the pronunciatioin, as the page is immutable...

2013/12/4 Rick Hillegas <rick.hillegas@oracle.com>
On 12/4/13 5:26 AM, Patrick Meyer wrote:
I use Derby for jMetrik, an open source software application for
psychometrics. The project page is here, www.ItemAnalysis.com. I'd be happy
to add it to the Derby Wiki too.
Happy to add you, Patrick. I just need to know what username you'll use when you make edits. That's the username you'll use to log on before you change a wiki page.



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I have used Derby for more than 5 years on several internal web applications
for The Citadel (a college in South Carolina).  I also tried to edit the
wiki about a year ago to add this usage to the list, but was unable to do
so.  I would be happy to send the relevant information to you or the person
maintaining the web site if you are interested.


John I. Moore, Jr.
SoftMoore Consulting

email:  jmoore@softmoore.com
cell:   843-906-7887

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On 11/30/13 6:49 AM, David G.P. wrote:
Hello all,

I am starting to use Derby for one project, and I just saw that you
are collecting pronunciations of that sentence. I just recorded one
with Spanish from Spain central-northern accent (Castilla-León). I
can't edit the Wiki, so how can I contribute it?

Thanks for all your work and I hope I can contribute more soon.
Hi David,

The wiki has been locked down and this is the first request we've had from
someone who wasn't included on the contributor whitelist. We need to add you
to that whitelist. What's your contributor name?