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From not me <turbodo...@gmail.com>
Subject data synchronization with no network
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2014 23:20:17 GMT
We need to be able to push changes from a master database to several
read-only slaves. In many situations, they have no network at all and move
files around on memory sticks. They operate in remote locations where
networks are impossible. They need to provided updates once a day to
stakeholders who have a read-only copy of our application/database for
reporting purposes.

Derby replication pushes transaction logs from master to slave.

Is it possible to copy transaction logs to the slave manually, and cause
the target system to apply the changes to the slave?

Ideally, we would want the following features. Is any of this available in
Derby, or not to difficult to implement with custom code?

1. The target system will prevent import of data if a previous update file
has not been applied
2. A user can can trigger the output of an update file (or trigger the
system to package up for transport files that were written as changes were
made), and the system will include all database changes since the previous
update file was generated
3. A user can specify the range of changes to include, to allow inclusion
of database changes a given slave may have missed

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is a duplicate question. I searched
using several different key words and didn't find this topic.

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