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From 정용환 <...@igo.co.kr>
Subject Hellow, I have some problem in customize security policy with derby (modified 2)
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2014 09:21:51 GMT
Hellow, I am derby user in korea.

I have a problem while I try to replication.

I success to replication with embeded mode.

and replication with server mode with no security manager.

but replication not work with  server mode with security manager.

manual said

"If you want to perform replication with the security manager enabled, you
must modify
 the security policy file on both the master and slave systems to allow the
 network connection."

so I try to modify security policy file

follow with "Customizing the Network Server's security policy" section

but when I start server with

C:\Apache\db-derby-\bin\startNetworkServer.bat -h -p 1530

and following is part of startNetworkServer.bat

"%_JAVACMD%" -Djava.security.manager
org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl start %DERBY_CMD_LINE_ARGS%

cmd log

"Thread[main,5,main] java.security.AccessControlException : access denied
(java.io.FilePermission derby.log read)"

then server start

but when I connect db

, error messege show

"data volume is not enough , expected minimum volume is 6 byte but

received volume is obyte. connect is end."

even after delete

"%_JAVACMD%" -Djava.security.manager  %DERBY_OPTS% -classpath
"%LOCALCLASSPATH%" org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl start

result is same

So I guess derby is conflict with java security manager

I can't find solution

please give me help (hint or solution) to solve that problem.

OS is window 7

Thank you.

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