Hi, has all the *new* functionality of and Plus it has more bug fixes than, both because the 10.10 branch was pulled from trunk at a later time and because was released later and thus even more fixes were back-ported. It therefore also has more possible incompatibilities to older versions. only has the most important fixes available at the time of release back-ported, and has very few incompatibilities compared to e.g. 10.8.2.

There were some plans to make a 10.9.2 at one time but that fell by the wayside. It would have replaced the


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what is the difference between version and Or why is there along with Thanks
The "Latest Official Releases" tend to be the latest releases produced on the 2 most active release branches. Once we publish 10.11.1, I expect that we'll remove from that list. Right after we produce a feature release, the list has this meaning:

i) The top release is the most feature-rich distribution.

ii) The second release is the most stable distribution.

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