I have a simple database, two tables


DISTROGROUP and RECIPIENTS, each have the field DG_ID and this field is indexed


I have 86,795 rows in DISTROGROUP

I have 230,823 rows in RECIPIENTS


I am using the table to migrate items. I have processed almost all of them except ones where I have a DISTROGROUP.LOAD_STATUS is NULL, these should be rows where there is a distribution group but no recipients.

The query I used to process is select DG_ID, col2, col3, etc from DISTROGROUP where LOAD_STATUS is NULL and DG_ID in (select DG_ID from RECIPIENTS). This returns 0 results

However, I can take one of the rows from DISTROGROUP that has a LOAD_STATUS = NULL, and I CAN match up the DG_ID to a DG_ID in RECIPIENTS so why don’t I get results in the original query? I would use a NOT IN query to separate out actual DISTROGROUP rows with no match, but I waited over 15 minutes for the NOT IN query before giving up on it.


Any help/guidance is appreciated.