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From Øyvind Harboe <oyvind.har...@zylin.com>
Subject Re: Performance degradation with Derby Embedded under Tomcat vs Jetty
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 05:48:19 GMT
I've been able to a more real-world testing that takes into account
other things going on in the system that takes time.

For the worst report(the default report), the overall system performance I get:

First run: PostgreSQL  = 15s   /   Derby = 45s
Second run: PostgreSQL  =  5s   /   Derby = 23s

The actual PostgreSQL queries are *much* faster, but there is a lot of
other things going on too.

Over time, I think the performance problem will 'spread' to other
parts of the system just because there's more data being added.

For other types of reports and elsewhere in the system, the difference
in overall performance is more slight and it won't cause us to take

The biggest impediment to switching to PostgreSQL is that the backup
routines are much more complicated and not a great match for our
current setup.

Øyvind Harboe - Can Zylin Consulting help on your project?

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