Il 30.10.2015 11.41, Peter Ondruška ha scritto:
I've had exactly the same problem which has to do with Eclipse not being aware of embedded Derby specific way to shutdown. Eclipse only closes connection and database stays open. I solved this by running standalone Derby network server and connecting from Eclipse and application as network client.
One uncomfortable way I found is specifying shutdown=true connection attribute (with user and password in case security is enabled. E.g. DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:derby:dbname;shutdown=true"), but this cannot be done from DatabaseDevelopment sql editor, you have to change, even temporary, the connection properties and try to connect (even with test connection).
I hoped there was another way, maybe changing the Connection object:

On Friday, 30 October 2015, Alessandro Manzoni <> wrote:
For some reasons I'm using derby embedded driver.
The application performs as expected unless, for debug purpose, I open the database from eclipse DatabaseDevelopment perspective.
Even if i close the connection from DatabaseDevelopment and closing DatabaseDevelopment perspective too, when I connect the db from the application I get the SQLExceplion:
"ERROR XSDB6: Another instance of Derby may have already booted the database.
The only way I found to reset this figure, is restarting eclipse. I imagine that's because DatabaseDevelopment is using a different JVM.
Is there a way to force closing the db?

Thank you.

Peter Ondruška