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From fkalim <kal...@illinois.edu>
Subject Do triggers block?
Date Sun, 15 Sep 2019 20:14:29 GMT

I'm working with triggers in Derby and their order of execution is described
in the document as given below. However, I wanted to clarify whether
triggers are blocking e.g. if an AFTER trigger fires a function, does it
block until the function has finished running?

Order of execution
When a database event occurs that fires a trigger, Derby performs actions in
this order:
It fires No Cascade Before triggers.
It performs constraint checking (primary key, unique key, foreign key,
It performs the insert, update, or delete.
It fires After triggers.
When multiple triggers are defined for the same database event for the same
table for the same trigger time (before or after), triggers are fired in the
order in which they were created.

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