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From recei...@gowdygroup.net
Subject How to migrate a Derby database?
Date Sun, 28 Jun 2020 17:17:51 GMT
It would be nice to have a way to convert a database to a form that is 
independent of the software used to support the database. For example, 
when using phpMyAdmin on a MySQL database there is an option referred to 
as "Export".  This option causes the creation of a text file that 
contains all of the SQL statements required to recreate the database at 
least in MySQL or Maria DB.  In theory, such a file should also be 
useful for migrating the same database to other kinds of relational 
databases that support SQL.

At least in the case of MySQL/MariaDB this capability provides an easy 
way to transfer databases from one server to another which may be 
desirable when making transition to a new release.  If nothing else it 
preserves the ability to restore to current release.  Given how many 
versions of Derby presently exist it seems like this should be 
especially important.

There is a present need to do such a migration simply to upgrade to a 
new version of Derby.  In the case where this migration is from a very 
old version of Derby the idea of a version independent file format would 
seem to be very desirable.  Is that possible with Derby?  If so, some 
reference to appropriate technique would be appreciated.  If NOT, is 
there a prescribed method for doing such that is safe and effective?

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