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From "Erik Wright" <twodig...@sympatico.ca>
Subject Criteria surprises
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 19:23:09 GMT

I have a question regarding the implementation of Criteria.

I'm developing an app that uses several databases (three at
the moment) - currently they are all hosted on one instance
of MySQL but in production this may not be the case.

The problem has to do with the multiple DBs. Criteria built
using the default constructor automatically select the
default database. As you can imagine, two times out of three
this is wrong in my scenario.

Is there a particular reason why this should be necessary?
My first instinct is that by default the Criteria shouldn't
care too much about what DB is being used until it comes
time to build the SQL query, and that this should then be
supplied by the Base Peer. At first thought, this change
should not affect the default behavior adversely in the
normal situation of calling the default Criteria constructor
(since BasePeer should always be able to determine the
proper DB). In unusual situations the developer is probably
already specifying a DB in the Criteria constructor.

I'm willing to look at making such a change myself, but I'd
like to get some feedback first... am I totally missing
something here?

- Erik

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