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From jme...@chubb.com
Subject Integration with Spring --> development effort started
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 21:00:08 GMT

My name is John Menke.  A long time back i contributed some documentation
to the Torque project (torque 2).

Recently, I have started a development effort to integrate Torque with the
Spring Framework.

On advice from Rod Johnson i have been following a simple plan:
   <advice on how to implement ORM support in Spring>                       
   The basic concepts you'd want to consider are resource acquisition and   
   release, error handling, and transaction management. The Spring code is  
   of course the best place to look.                                        
   You would probably implement the following artifacts:                    
   - Template (like JdbcTemplate or HibernateTemplate)                      
   - Exception translator to map from ORM exceptions into                   
   DataAccessException hierarchy                                            
   - DaoSupport class, like JdbcDaoSupport, that provides a convenient      
   (optional) superclass for implementing user DAOs                         
   - Session factory implementation, like LocalSessionFactoryBean           
   You could also look at the chapter on data access inJ2EE without EJB,    
   which explains the concepts.                                             
   </advice on how to implement ORM support in Spring>                      
    I have started work on the above and posted this message to the Spring  
    Developer List and Spring DAO forum.                                    
    If someone from the torque development would be interested in guiding   
    me I think I will have a better chance of getting this done.  Any       
    <post to spring-dev>                                                    
    Following the pattern of what is out there already i have created       
    stubbed out classes for 2 packages:                                     
    Following the current design patterns in the other Spring ORM           
    implementations, i coded the TorqueOperations interface. The methods    
    defined in it are the methods that Torque makes available to it's       
    persistence classes defined in org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.         
    In the template i plan to delegate the calls into template methods to   
    a BasePeer object (POJO with all static methods).                       
    Something like this:                                                    
    public List doSelect(org.apache.torque.util.Criteria criteria)          
    throws DataAccessException {                                            
    List returnList = null;                                                 
    try {                                                                   
    returnList = this.getTorqueBasePeer().doSelect(criteria);               
    } catch (TorqueException e) {                                           
    return returnList;                                                      
    Is this a correct approach? Is there any place i can share this code    
    with others that are interested?                                        
    <post to spring-dev>                                                    
    Thanks in advance for any help.                                         

John Menke

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