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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject Re: XML Schema for Torque 4.0
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 18:24:31 GMT
Thomas Fischer wrote:
> Thanks for taking the effort to tackle this. I have been able to take a

Thanks from me, too. However, I didn't have the time to look at your

> Hm, not so sure here. Databases do weird stuff, e.g. I know for sure that
> oracle supports german umlauts in column names (and even weirder, there are
> people who are actually using these features), and in my eyes it is up to
> the user to do such nonsense as he likes or decide against it. So I'd
> rather not provide only a tight version. What I dislike about two separate
> versions is that it makes testing more difficult, but maybe one cen provide
> the tight version somehow "inofficially". If we do that, we should try to
> use inheritance to define only the differences in the tight version, if
> that is possible. So, in my eyes it would be the best available (though not
> perfect) solution to use only a loose version. But I'm open to being
> persuaded otherwise here.

I agree here. It would be difficult for a multi-database mapper to cover
all the specialties the databases are capable of. Let's just talk about
type mapping...

>> Should we be including the ddlUtils people in on this since
>> they also use the DTD?


>> Obviously need to revamp the generator code to use the
>> schema.
> Please do not put any effort into this. I have a siggestion in the queue
> for the generator. Give me one or two weeks to get it presentable.

Please consider using JAXB2 for the model. The libraries are part of JDK
1.6 now so this would really simplify maintenance. Creating a code
generator  with a code generator has its geeky aspects, too.

>> But it makes it hard to find. : )
> Maybe a pointer on the web site and/or a $Id: $ part in the xsd itsself can
> alleviate this.

There is a official place where the DTD can be found at

I'd suggest to go with

Bye, Thomas.

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