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From Thomas Fox <Thomas....@seitenbau.net>
Subject torque 4.1 plans
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 00:59:16 GMT

It's time to think about the plans for the 4.1 release :-)

Personally, I'd like to remove the deprecated APIs, especially the old
Criteria implementation, from the runtime.

Next, I'd like to tackle the "templates editing is a pain" problem in the
generator. There are two main difficulties which I am aware of:
When editing a template, the underlying data model needs to be in the mind
of the developer (e.g. which attributes has the table element). This would
be better if typed input could be used (e.g. a Table class with defined
attribute names would be defined in the templates) and if the IDE would
show autocompletion for the table's attributes. This is difficult to
achieve in velocity templates because the velocity does not support casts
for variables (my current ideas is to have casts in the template) and the
IDE support (at least the velocity eclipse plugin I know) also does not
support typed input. So my idea would be to experiment with typed models
inside the generator and then add support for another template language in
the generator. This template language would support casts and would come
with editor support for typed variables. What comes to my mind there is
groovy (which is Apache 2 licensed and has the described features). So the
idea would be to integrate groovy as another template language in the
generator, in addition to velocity (the generator is already built such
that different template languages are supported in principle).
The next difficulty is the extra config files for defining outlets and
generated files. There the strategy would be to think about convention over
configuration support (e.g register default outlets for all found
templates) and then perhaps add IDE support in an extra Torque eclipse
plugin (where it is uncertain whether the latter can be Apache licenced
because perhaps some eclipse source files must be copied in a modified
form, so I'd start this outside apache, probably at github, and see whether
we can integrate this in Torque later)

So these are the things I'd like to tackle.
Does anyone else have any other plans ?

Are there objections against
- adding groovy as additional template language to the generator
- adding typed models to the generator
- try to use convention over configuration in the generator
- starting an eclipse plugin elswhere


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