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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Torque 4.1?
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2019 19:23:41 GMT
On 18.12.19 16:59, Georg Kallidis wrote:
> today I worked on a couple of TORQUE issues, which blocked the release of 
> Torque 4.1, but could be resolved (someone checks this?). 
The question is whether torque-test runs ok or not.
I got access to a fairly recent Oracle server and found that the Oracle
tests are broken. They already fail because of invalid SQL-files being

> Still remaining are TORQUE-355  "Improve support for HSQLDB 2.x" and 
> TORQUE-356 "Implement millisecond support for MySQL timestamps".
> - TORQUE-356 seems to be actually resolved as Hsqldb 3.x is now used - ?
There are some instanceof-checks in the tests that exclude several
feature tests that HSQLDb now has. I wanted to check whether these
exclusions are now obsolete or not.
However, the above-mentioned issue mainly was about the introduction of
timezones into datetime columns. This broke some tests.

> May be to lift the release version from 4.1 to 5.1 for the Torque release 
> as well?
I have to admit that I changed quite a lot and deleted stuff without
caring too much for backward compatibility. My guess would be that we
are no longer in a 4.x-range but need at least 5.0

Bye, Thomas

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