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From "Georg Kallidis" <georg.kalli...@cedis.fu-berlin.de>
Subject interface/peerInterface not in base class /missing new options
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2020 10:01:52 GMT
Hi devs,

preparing the release for torque 4.1/5.0 this stopped me in 
torque-templates: if providing an interface or peerInterface attribute in 
table element in schema.xml the generated results are not in the base 
classes (baseDbObject), but the (user extendable) "interface" classes. Is 
this correct? This is no problem for a newly generated project, but 
otherwise the user is required to delete his "interface" / not regenerated 
java classes and/or merge with his additions and changes or add it 
manually. If nobody objects we might proceed as it is now, I want only to 
be explicit at this place.
Best regards, Georg
P.S.: I found in torque-templates changes.xml (concerning 4.0) that some 
options are renamed: torque.addIntakeRetrievable to 
torque:addBaseDbObjectInterface and torque.retrievableInterface to 
torque:baseDbObjectInterface. Yet I could not find any references in the 
current trunk to these new options, but instead still the old ones are 
used (in options.properties and templates vm files). Do I miss something? 

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