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From Matthew Swift <Matthew.Sw...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Let's start for real ?
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 11:25:58 GMT

On 27/11/09 11:14, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> Yes - I'm on the list now - I joined yesterday afternoon. :-)
> Welcome ! I hope that Sun LDAP developpers will stay at sun long enouh
> to complete this API definition (I just read that Jean-Fran├žois Arcand
> will leave Sun on dec. 4th... What a loss :/ ). Anyways, that's life
> ...

Yes - this is a bit of a bummer, especially as we were using Grizzly 
internally for the IO layer in our SDK.

It seems that Grizzly pretty mature these days so it should live on and 
we can always become more active ourselves.
>> I've also been cutting and pasting bits of the RFC text into the Javadoc
>> where possible and linking to it, so that people feel "closer" to the
>> standard. I think, if possible, we should take a similar approach in this
>> joint LDAP SDK effort, assuming that we are allowed to quote bits of RFC
>> since they are Copyrighted? Obviously the Javadoc would look pretty ugly if
>> we had to put "Copyright (C) The Internet Society" everywhere.
> Well, if quoted correctly, this is not an isssue. I guess that a
> mention of the copyright in a notice.txt should be fine.

Good point - yes we can do that.


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