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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Let's start for real ?
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 10:14:23 GMT
> Yes - I'm on the list now - I joined yesterday afternoon. :-)

Welcome ! I hope that Sun LDAP developpers will stay at sun long enouh
to complete this API definition (I just read that Jean-François Arcand
will leave Sun on dec. 4th... What a loss :/ ). Anyways, that's life

> I agree with Ludo's comment above regarding naming. Something we've been
> trying to do is to follow the RFC naming as much as possible as well as
> following Java naming conventions. Sometimes there is a choice of name to
> use (e.g. LDAPDN from RFC4511 which looks ugly all uppercase, or DN from
> RFC4512 which looks silly in mixed case but good in uppercase). We've chosen
> DN in this case for simply for reasons of familiarity: most people refer to
> distinguish names as DNs - not LDAP DNs.

This is a road I also walk : all the messages definition in ADS are
closely defined following the RFCs, even if it sounds silly sometime
(Object instead of DN, etc...)

I proposed Dn just because it was a mix between something easy to use
(better than LdapDN : whatever, is there any DN outside of the LDAP
world ? ;), and because of the Sun JAVA naming convention. But
considering that it's a composite name (Distinguished Name), DN fits
well too.

Ok, let's stay with DN.
RDN too, I guess.

> I've also been cutting and pasting bits of the RFC text into the Javadoc
> where possible and linking to it, so that people feel "closer" to the
> standard. I think, if possible, we should take a similar approach in this
> joint LDAP SDK effort, assuming that we are allowed to quote bits of RFC
> since they are Copyrighted? Obviously the Javadoc would look pretty ugly if
> we had to put "Copyright (C) The Internet Society" everywhere.

Well, if quoted correctly, this is not an isssue. I guess that a
mention of the copyright in a notice.txt should be fine.

Emmanuel Lécharny

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