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From Matthew Swift <Matthew.Sw...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [DN] Existing API review
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 21:12:16 GMT

On 13/01/10 13:03, Francois wrote:
> Le 13/01/2010 12:24, Matthew Swift a écrit :
>> Hi Emmanuel,
> I'm just giveng my point of view about the following, I don't think I 
> can be relevant elsewhere:
>> Also, I strongly believe that DNs and RDNs and AVAs should be immutable
>> objects (as well as any other low level API type). What do you think?
> I will go further : DN, RDN and AVA should be immutable, but Attribute 
> should be immutable too, and Entry should have at least an immutable 
> DN (and facilities to copy an entry with a new DN or ParentDN at 
> factory level).
> For attribute, the rationnal is that one replace attribute by a new 
> one most of the time, and it's much easier to deal with immutable 
> attribute - that's one of the aspect of UnboundId SDK that I prefer.

I understand very well why you think Attribute could be immutable. In 
fact, I went to great lengths to convert our Attribute API in OpenDS 
server so that it was immutable in order to be able to optimize for the 
common case (single valued attributes) and to avoid defensive copies. 
The result was a 4x performance improvement in the server (!). However, 
this did introduce some pain - any code in the server which tried to 
modify an attribute became more complex. For example, I had to implement 
an AttributeBuilder class to facilitate incremental construction of 

In fact, ironically, I heard on the grape vine that Neil Wilson was 
pretty impressed with the improvements that we got and this is why 
UnboundID's Attribute class is immutable (except that Neil, being 
notoriously bad at API design, has not made it fully immutable - look at 
all those arrays with Javadoc warnings saying that you are not allowed 
to modify the content. Very suspect!).

I thought about this long and hard for the OpenDS SDK and decided that a 
client API with an immutable Attribute would not be very easy to use. 
Many client apps will want to create and modify attributes and we should 
make it as easy as possible. In addition, I think that it is very likely 
that some users of the SDK (including the server itself) will need to 
have different types of Attribute - in other words, they'll need to 
sub-class Attribute (e.g. in order to create lazy decoded Attributes, 
virtual Attributes, copy on write, synchronized, etc). By implication 
any class which is non-final is not immutable since a sub-class could be 
implemented which breaks the contract (I realized that I had made this 
mistake in the server since our Attribute class is in fact an interface).

Therefore the approach I took in the OpenDS SDK was to copy the 
Collections API approach. Provide a high-level interface providing 
read/write operations (side note: an Attribute can be thought of as a 
Set of values) and then provide an "unmodifiable" adapter as per 
Collections.unmodifiableSet. Then we get the best of all worlds - 
including the ability to avoid defensive copies by implementing getters 
which return "unmodifiable" Attributes (the OpenDS SDK implementation 
also optimizes for the case where an attribute is single valued even 
though it is mutable).

> For Entry's DN, it's linked to the fact that DN are almost IDs for 
> entries. So, the semantic of such an operation is much likely in two 
> cases:
> - create a copy of an entry with another DN (change RDN but perhaps 
> not parentDN)
> - move an entry (only the parent DN change).
> These two cases (I hope I don't forget other ones) are easily 
> fulfilled througth factory-like method support.

[Disclaimer: the OpenDS SDK Entry API is not finalized yet in case 
you're tempted to look at it. IMO it's way to bloated still and contains 
some strange methods]

I agree that Entry DNs should not in general be modified, but I think 
preventing clients from doing this is a bit of an artificial constraint. 
There's no hard reason I can think of why you would want to prevent 

In addition, if Entry is an interface (as it is in the OpenDS SDK) then, 
like Attribute, adapters can by provided which render some Entry 
operations unsupported. For example, you could have a Collections-like 
unmodifiableEntry method or even a unrenamableEntry in order to address 
the requirement above.


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