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From Matthew Swift <Matthew.Sw...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: About the Control interface
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 12:58:27 GMT

On 25/01/10 13:48, Emmanuel LŽcharny wrote:
> Matthew Swift a écrit :
>> On 25/01/10 13:22, Matthew Swift wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> For cases where client apps want to use a control for which there is 
>>> no existing sub-class implementation we provided them the option of 
>>> using the "GenericControl" class instead of being forced to 
>>> implement a sub-class. The GenericControl class is pretty 
>>> straightforward - it implements Control and provides three 
>>> constructors:
>>>    GenericControl(String oid) // non-critical, null value
>>>    GenericControl(String oid, boolean isCritical) // null value
>>>    GenericControl(String oid, boolean isCritical, ByteString bytes)
>>> I find the GenericControl name a bit non-obvious.
>> Cool - we're on the same page here. I see that you have described a 
>> ControlImpl sub class for exactly this purpose in your WIKI page...
>> I'm not sure I'm a big fan of the ControlImpl name to be honest, 
>> since XXXImpl naming is usually associated with internal 
>> implementation classes which are not usually exposed to client apps 
>> (e.g. PlainSocketImpl in J2SE).
> We have had many discussions about how best name a class which is not 
> abstract. At the end, we decided to follow this rule :
> - Interfaces' name is the one we want to identify as the object (in 
> this case, Control)
> - Abstract class are named AbstractXXX. I think it's acceptable
> - Implementations' name proposal were : BaseXXX, XXXImpl, or using a 
> IXXX for the interface and XXX for the class. Per rule #1, we rejected 
> the third proposal, and we decided that XXXImpl was probably better.

Fair enough - consistency is the main priority and it sounds like you 
already have a consistent naming scheme defined.



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