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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Some thoughts I had under my shower this morning...
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 15:25:18 GMT
  The best place when it comes to think about the future...

So we will have some potential issues with the LDAP API : as we now have 
a schema Aware, we have to load the schema into a SchemaManager. Right 
now, all the schema is stored into a subproject (shared/ldap-schema) as 
LDIF files. When we try to initialize the schemaManager, we first 
extract the LDIF to the disk.

This is *very* bad ! When one will try to embed the API (in tomcat for 
instance), one will face serious issues as the file system might not be 

We must fix that so that we can just read the LDIF directly from the 
resources without having to extract the LDIF files to disk. That also 
means we must not try to update the LDIF on disk when modifying the schema.

On solution would be to use the AvlPartition to back the LdifPartition.

I'm not 100% sure that we don't currently have a workaround for this 
problem, but if so, it must be clearly documented. Otherwise, we have to 
provided a way to fix it.

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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