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From Kiran Ayyagari <>
Subject Re: Some thoughts I had under my shower this morning...
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 08:41:06 GMT
On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 1:57 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
>  On 8/6/10 10:15 AM, Kiran Ayyagari wrote:
>>> IMO, this is barely acceptable for API 0.2, but has to be fixed for 0.3.
>>> There is no reason to extract to disk when all the ldifs are available in
>>> a
>>> jar, as it's just a matter of loading them in memory.
>>> It should be a 2 hours work to get the code read the jar and load the
>>> schema
>>> in memory...
>> it is already possible to do this using JarLdifSchemaLoader , but note
>> that this will always
>> contain the bundled default schemas only. A user can only add custom
>> schema if the
>> schema directory is present on disk.
> Ah, so we are golden.
> Is there a place where this is documented (even roughly) ?
hmm, no,
> I think we have some users facing this issue.
> Btw, I don't really care if users can't extend the schema when they can't
> write on disk. But we can discuss about allowing this too.
let me be a bit more clear here,
from the API pov all that it needs is just a schema manager, so we can
simply keep all the
data in memory(assuming we don't want to update the schema)
(Note: currently, API operates in this in-memory mode, so there is no
extraction of LDIF files)

but for a embedded server the case is different, it requires a LDIF
partition for which we need to
extract the files on to the disk, ( cause LdifPartition currently
works this way).
To make this work in a container environment we have a fix.

Kiran Ayyagari

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