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From "Richard Sand" <>
Subject building the API in Eclipse
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 05:38:19 GMT
Hi all - just sharing some things I learned today setting up the API source
in Eclipse.

If you try to check out the entire API trunk (i.e. into a single
Eclipse project, you will get an epic failure. The problem seems to be with
the Eclipse Maven (m2e) integration. Doing "New-->Checkout Project from SVN"
puts everything into 1 project, and the maven plugin for eclipse doesn't
resolve the dependencies of the maven subprojects. There may be a way to fix
that, but after some tinkering I got this to work instead: do
"New-->Maven-->Checkout Maven Project from SCM" and then specify the trunk
(you'll need to have the m2e plugin for svn). What this does is create a
distinct Eclipse project for every subproject - so you'll end up with 15 or
so projects, but everything will build correctly...

...with one exception. The project "api-ldap-schema-data" (i.e.
gave me a strange error message on line 1 of the pom.xml, the error message
.jar.Manifest). This seems to be caused by a known problem with
maven-kar-plugin:2.4. Someone else had the same problem with an unrelated
project and his workaround was to explicitly set the maven-jar-plugin to
version 2.3.2. That work for me, and after that I was able to build the who
API in Eclipse. 

Hope this helps someone. Thanks!

Best regards,


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