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From Andrew Hastie <>
Subject Example of using DIGEST-MD5 against MS Active Directory
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2013 13:09:08 GMT

I'm experimenting with the API in an attempt to authenticate a 
User+Password combination against an instance of MS ActiveDirectory. I 
have both LDPA and LDAPS working fine, but when I try and use 
br.setSaslMechanism("DIGEST-MD5") I get the following trace/response:

DEBUG - Bind failed : MessageType : BIND_RESPONSE
Message ID : 1
         Ldap Result
             Result code : (SASL_BIND_IN_PROGRESS) saslBindInProgress

Does anyone have an example of the correct usage of the API when using 
DIGEST-MD5? I assume this should work at the current release of the API 
as I can specify DIGEST-MD5 (SASL) when configuring a connection in the 
Apache Directory Studio, along with the Bind User or DN, password and 
SASL Realm. Which leads me to question how should I specify the "SASL 
Realm" via the API?

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.


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