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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [Site] LDAP Java API list
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2015 23:13:03 GMT
Le 03/04/15 17:49, Konstantin Gribov a écrit :
> Hi, folks.

> If your list of common Java LDAP APIs is appendable, maybe you're
> interested in mentioning Spring LDAP (
> at If it doesn't conflict
> with ASF legal recomendations somehow, of course.

Spring LDAP, with all due respect, is not a LDAP API, it's just a
wrapper. I can understand why people might want to use it, but IMHO,
it's does not enter into the same category.

I would also add that wrapping JNDI is a mistake. JNDI is antiquated,
unadapted, and semantically far from LDAP.

To be frank, I also dislike the claim that Spring-LDAP support
client-side transaction management, because it's blatanlty false. There
is nothing like a client-side transaction in the LDAP world, there is no
way you can guarantee ACID transaction on the client. I already had this
discussion back in 2006, but it seems anchored deeply on those who
designed the API, up to the point they don't accept the idea they are
misleading users using inadapted terminology.

But that may be just me...

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