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From Shawn McKinney <>
Subject Re: [Site] LDAP Java API list
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2015 16:17:08 GMT

> On Apr 3, 2015, at 6:13 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny <> wrote:
> I would also add that wrapping JNDI is a mistake. JNDI is antiquated,
> unadapted, and semantically far from LDAP.
> To be frank, I also dislike the claim that Spring-LDAP support
> client-side transaction management, because it's blatanlty false. There
> is nothing like a client-side transaction in the LDAP world, there is no
> way you can guarantee ACID transaction on the client. I already had this
> discussion back in 2006, but it seems anchored deeply on those who
> designed the API, up to the point they don't accept the idea they are
> misleading users using inadapted terminology.

+1 on the notion of a JNDI wrapper being suboptimal.  But I do like the notion of a higher
abstraction for LDAP DAO’s.  For me the spring ldap api is fine, it just wraps the wrong

To me the solution is obvious:  We need a spring ldap api that wraps the apache ldap api (not

my 2 cents


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