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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Filter/ExprNode refactoring
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2016 10:12:51 GMT
Hi guys,

this week-end, I spent some time reviewing the Filter/EprNode classes.
It needs some refactoring, wrt the Value refactoring, and many other
aspects that are currently harming, especially the escaping of some
special chars.

There are may issues :
- the ExprNode is the result of a filter parsing, and it works well whn
we are schema aware, not so well when we aren't. On the server side, we
will have to normalize the vlaues accordingly to the String Preparation
for each Qattribute we know of. On the client side, it's irrelevant.
- as we convert the filter to a complex ASN.1 structure when sending it
to a LDAP server, at some point, that means we convert the Strings to
byte[], with all the escaped chars being transformed to their hex
- we should offer a way for the user to don't bother about the chars
that are going to be escaped. Typically, creating a SimpleNode( "cn",
"You are a *" ); shoudl escape the '*' automatically.

ALl those changes - and  some other - are not trivial, and I must admit
I have to think a bit more about the impact on teh existing API.

I'll try to work on that during the next few evenings...

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