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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2017 21:12:19 GMT
I'm currently reworking the Security part, and AFAICT, here are the
chapters that need to be written :

    *  [5.1 - SSL (e)](user-guide/5.1-ssl.html)
    *  [5.2 - StartTLS (e)](user-guide/5.2-start-tls.html)
    *  [5.3 - Password handling](user-guide/5.3-password-handling.html)
    *  [5.4 - SASL Bind](user-guide/5.4-sasl-bind.html)
    *  [5.5 - Certificates](user-guide/5.5-certificates.html)
    *  [5.6 - ACI and ACLs (e)](user-guide/5.6-aci-and-acls.html)

The last one on ACL/ACIs will only be an introduction, as there is
nothing really available atm in the API.

- SSL is about...SSL ;-)

- StartTLS will explain hw to start a TLS communication and what it implies

- Password section is about the changePassword operation

- Certificates is about authent using certificates

I may not add some of those sections if there is not enough meat in teh
API to cover them properly, so consider that to be just a proposal.

Please feel free to comment or add anything that you think should be

Here is the introduction on security :

Le 01/01/2017 à 16:31, Shawn McKinney a écrit :
>> On Jan 1, 2017, at 5:04 AM, Emmanuel Lécharny <> wrote:
>> now that you have spent some time reading and fixing the current (and
>> incomplete) DLAP API User Guide, do you have any general remark related
>> to its content, structure, or whatever ?
> Overall structure is pretty good.  It’s broken down in a reasonable way -- basic, advanced,
etc, and the subsections are ordered well.  Nav is easy enough although a (master) table of
contents listing all of the pages, descriptions and status (finished or not) would be helpful.
> Content is mixed.  What’s there is quite good but many things not covered.  For example,
security isn't covered.  Of course I suggest it be completed ASAP.  To be fair authN’s covered
in the bind/unbind section but SSL/TLS & authZ isn't. 
> We need our code samples to be downloadable.  One of my fav LDAP books, “LDAP Programming
with Java” (Weltman, Dahbura) was released before Internet code dist was the norm but nevertheless
included a CD containing all of the code samples.  I literally built my first 5 LDAP programs
with these examples.  The book is probably one of the reasons the Netscape Java LDAP API gained
> Perhaps we start a github project that includes samples such as this.  Or, even manage
a new repo in our project?
> Thanks,
> Shawn

Emmanuel Lecharny

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