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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject LDAP API 1.0 status
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2017 09:23:35 GMT
Hi guys,

a quick update on what's going on:  there is not much change in the
current code, beside a few modifications done in the Ldap

- Relaxed the Filter parser to allow spaces to be present when it's not
ambiguous (like '(  &  (...' is now accepted)

- The PersistentSearch codec was buggy

- Added a isSecured() metod in the LdapNetworkConnection class

- Made it so every operation connect to the ldap server if it's not
already connected. This is important for people wanting to apply an
operation over an anonymous connection

- Fixed the TrustmanagerFactory

- Added a LdapNetworkConnection that takes a TrustManager as a
parameter, to allow users to create a SSL connection immediately

- Made ApacheDS working with the API (it was broken for quite some time)

Some effort has been put on teh API documentation - thanks to Shawn for
the proof reading - but there is stilla  lot to do. I'm currently
working on the Security pages
and the associated pages). My current focus is on SASL, the SSL and
StartTLS pages are complete - well, unless we have something to add ;-)...

Feel free to review them !

TODO before 1.0 :

We need to improve the Trustmanagerfactory to check the server's
certificate by default, currently we don't check anything, this is not
good. Stefan already mailed about the issue.

Many thanks !

Emmanuel Lecharny

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