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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Qustion regarding schema quirk mode
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2018 05:33:31 GMT
On 04/16/2018 11:40 PM, Emmanuel L├ęcharny wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm trying to speedup the schema parsing (it's currently quite slow, due
> to the 3 embedded Antlr parsers we use).
> We use a quirksMode to be able to process more than just the RFC 4512
> syntax. AFAICT, here are the relaxed rules :
> o Allow prefixed numericOID, like attributeType ( DUAConfSchemaOID:1.0
> NAME 'defaultServerList' (assuming we have a DUAConfSchemaOID
> definedusing an objectidentifier definition)

I think that's for OpenLDAP OID macros

> o Avoid checking references (SUP, SYNTAX) between schema elements
> o Allow the presence of special chars like '.', '_', ';', ':' and '#' in
> a NAME

Yes, because some LDAP servers allow such characters in names

> o Null OID are accepted for DitStructureRules

Hm, this is not quirk mode, DitStructureRules don't have an OID, right?

> Is there anything I'm missing ?
I think that's it. I hope we have tests to cover all those special cases.


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